Product Code: 85501

Features & Benefits

• Dark turkey meat, seasoned and cured for superior flavor
• Ground and formed for highest uniformity
• Log shape designed for large-scale slicing operations
• Bulk packed in combo bins (20-22 lbs logs)

Menu Ideas Spec Sheet

Product Description

Cured turkey dark meat (thigh, drum meat, and MST) combined with pastrami seasonings. Ground and formed for superior thin slicing and shaving. Oven roasted. No MSG.


Dark turkey, natural turkey broth, mechanically separated turkey, salt, contains less than 2% of sodium phosphate, dextrose, brown sugar, garlic powder, natural smoke flavoring, sodium erythorbate, natural flavorings, sodium nitrite, spices, paprika.
*Shelf life after slicing will vary due to differences in handling, sanitation, packaging, and storage conditions at each slicing operation.

Shelf Life

Prior to slicing: 90 days from date of pack at 32-36°F.

Packaging Details

Product Code: 85501
UPC: 74766 85501 3
Piece Weight: 9-11 lbs
Case Pack: Bulk Packaged
Avg Cs Wt: 20-22 lbs
Bin Dimensions: 48.00 x 40.00 x 42.00
Bin Cube: 46.67 cu. ft.
Logs/Combo Bin: 90