Product Code: 85504

Features & Benefits

• Dark turkey meat, seasoned and cured for superior flavor
• Ground and formed for highest uniformity
• Log shape designed for large-scale slicing operations
• Bulk packed in combo bins (20-22 lbs logs)

Menu Ideas Spec Sheet

Product Description

Closely trimmed turkey thigh meat with cure and seasonings, and 32% water added. Ground and formed for superior thin slicing and shaving. Hickory smoked. No MSG.


Turkey thigh meat, water, salt, dextrose, contains less than 2% of sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium diacetate, sodium nitrate.
*Shelf life after slicing will vary due to differences in handling, sanitation, packaging, and storage conditions at each slicing operation.

Shelf Life

Prior to slicing: 90 days from date of pack at 32-36°F.

Packaging Details

Product Code: 85504
UPC: 74766 85504 4
Piece Weight: 9-11 lbs
Case Pack: Bulk Packaged
Avg Wt Cs: 20-22 lbs
Bin Dimensions: 48.00 x 40.00 x 42.00
Bin Cube: 46.67 cu. ft.
Logs/Combo Bin: 90